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9 Sep 2020 11:00 AM - 2 min 30 sec
by Dr Tim Wade-Ferrell - Chiropractor

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of us but did you know it's not only those who caught the virus?

Well, we’re now around six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and to say that life, as we knew it, has changed is most definitely an understatement.

We’ve noticed some things that are negatively impacting on people, particularly those working form home so we thought we’d let everyone know what we are seeing.

First of all people are reporting that they are spending more hours working. While this seems illogical given that we have travel time and various breaks in a normal work day people are telling us that they are spending these “extra hours” at their computers working.

The effect of this is longer hours spent sitting, usually with poor posture, and we all know that sitting does place a lot of stress on our backs. To make things worse there is no walking from the car to the office or to and from public transport so the overall time spent moving is being compromised.

So we’re seeing lots of low back pain, sciatic pain and knee pain. Why knee pain? Well we’re finding a lot of people who are sitting more are having hamstring tightening issues which, in turn, are impacting on their knee function.

Next, we’re seeing a lot of very stressed people. Understandable so. Some have lost their job, others missing the social interactions of a “normal” week. No catching up at the coffee machine, printer, club or sport. More time spend in a relatively confined space at home.

Stress does a lot of nasty things to a body but we’re seeing a lot of people with neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches coming from their neck.

Ok, what can we do about it?

Well, this is the good news. It takes a little bit of planning but the rewards are worth it.

Plan your stretch breaks. It doesn’t take long. Go to and download the Straighten Up Australia app. This is a 3 minute full body stretch you can do with the online trainer. 3 minutes! Easy.

Make time to go for a walk. Think about including some body resistance exercises. Push-ups, sit/stand, light weights (can be as little as a can of tomatoes) dips, etc.

Make time to find friends and colleagues to connect with. Meet for a coffee, remembering to socially distance , wash your hands and wear a mask if distancing isn’t possible.
Oh, and see your Chiropractor for a check-up if you haven’t been for a while or have fallen off your care plan.

Your Chiropractor can help with exercise plans, movement strategies and help you avoid the problems we’re seeing in this troubled time.

Stay safe.

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